General Dentistry

From regular check-ups and cleanings, to root canals and tooth extractions, Dr. Paul Ro and his staff are here to help patients achieve their goals first and foremost through prevention and education. Smart patients equal happy patients and healthy smiles!

Preventative Dental Care

Preventative care and education are the keys to optimal dental health. Dr. Paul Ro, DDS, strives to provide dental health care, rather than disease care. With a focus on thorough, personalized exams to determine a patient’s overall tooth and gum health, and an emphasis on routine cleanings, flossing, sealants and fluoride, Dr. Ro strives to keep your smile healthy, as well as beautiful. This attention to detail includes a review of patients’ medical history and overall health to stay informed of any medications or illnesses that could affect their oral health.

Bonding and Fillings

Bonding can help correct cracks or gaps in teeth and as a filling after a cavity has been removed. It’s also a simple solution for covering up stains or discolored teeth. Let Dr. Paul Ro, DDS, help determine if this simple, safe and affordable solution can refresh your smile.

Root Canal

The phrase “root canal” used to strike fear into the hearts of dental patients. But, advances in dental technology have made the procedure a relatively fast and pain-free experience. A simple root canal can help save a natural tooth and preserve your smile!

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Paul Ro, DDS, is first and foremost committed to saving your natural teeth. However, when removing a tooth is the best option, Dr. Ro is here to help patients discuss the best option for replacement and the prevention of further tooth loss through dental implants and bridges.